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"In its 2012 , Intuit said that "We anticipate that governmental encroachment at both the federal and state levels may present a continued competitive threat to our business for the foreseeable future."the turbotax 2012 software company operating condition stable. As part of the company product line, product management transformation, large decline in the amount of customer orders and other reasons, operating income declined slightly compared to the same period last year, but the company by digging their own potential, consolidated gross profit margin improved to make Gross profit of the reporting turbotax 2012 download period were flat with a year earlier.

Meanwhile, the increased investment in independent production PND branding products into other markets, resulting in selling expenses for the period compared to same period last year; turbotax 2012 free companies to strengthen research and development of human resources and project inputs, increase new product research and development expenditure, resulting in administrative expenses for the period compared to same period last year, increasing the cost of the long lead net profit a year earlier decline. reporting period, in-vehicle navigation products launch its own brand PND products, before the launch of the product, the company carried a full feasibility analysis, and has taken various measures to ensure that sales of new products growth and increased profits, turbotax 2012 home and business reduced product more for risks.

Reporting period, the product line revenue growth of 43.22%, gross margin reached 38.39%, compared with last year's level of 9.18% improved. Company PND products based on proven technology accumulation and design experience, strengthen independent R & D especially car turbotax 2012 sale satellite navigation software development, the establishment of a strong software technology competitiveness. The company will "Jane in the line, farther and more comfortably," the brand owners sheets and product design as the core requirements, the needs of local customers achieve rapid response, based on customer demand continues to make art technology the innovation cheap turbotax 2012 and development of the reporting period has launched GoU1300, quantity and its changes through profit or loss Financial assets; b, held-to-maturity investments; c, loans and receivables; d, available-for-sale financial assets.

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